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Looking back 2 years ago, I never thought one day, I would have to go far away from my family and my friends, going to a strange new country alone, have to take care myself and coping with all the problems in life. My life would have never changed if i had never seen my friends, one by one, going abroad to countinue filling up their thirst of knowledge. I started thinking about studying outside my home country but i could not get rid of the thought about being less confident then my friends. Having more discouragement than encouragement, I almost gave up. But a crucial thing happened to me, I received a scholarship from Cambridge Tutors College to enroll to do a 2 year A-level course. My life has really turned to a new page from then on.

Time goes by, two years of studying in England swiftly passed with many memories.

A fop of two years ago was replaced by a guy who is confident that being yourself and standing on your own feet are two criteria to make success. I replaced my usual answer "No" by "Yes" in confidence when people asked me to join in a club or just doing some volunteer jobs. Two years have changed my character, my thought, also my life.

The first time going to an European country, standing in one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world, Heathrow. I feel so small in the huge airport. Ten minutes have gone, the queue became just a bit shorter than before, thirty minutes and then forty minutes, it did not improve that much. I dragged my feet slowly step by step with the heaviest backpack that is almost as twice as my size. My shoulder could crack at anytime; I decided...