Challenges faced by Human Resource Management

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Today's society is one of radical and impulsive changes. Because there is no such thing as one right or wrong way to run an organization, many corporations have began to lean toward placing greater emphasis on improving Human Resource Management within their own organizations. All organizations require some form of organizational management. However, the success of an organization is derived from the organizations own individual strengths, limitations and submissions. This is where Human Resources Management comes into place.

Human Resource Management can be used as a means to assist workers with productivity and organizational structure. The problem is that because Human Resource Management plays such a major role in an organization, this makes it one of the determining factors as to whether an organization thrives or dies. It has become one of the most demanding and controversial yet, important roles within an organization. This paper will discuss many of the challenges faced by Human Resource Management in the 21st century to include managing workers, strategy and worker productivity.

The first challenge in human resource management deals with the managing the working population. Because there are so many different types of workers, an organization will be unsuccessful if it tries to manage every worker or group of workers in the exact same manner. Different people within each workgroup have to be managed differently.

Today resource management workers should be able to persuade workers to work toward organizational goals and values while obtaining results. Less emphasis should be placed on managing what people do instead, concentrate on their strengths and how to make their strengths more productive within the organization. The main objective of human resources management should be geared toward getting better performance from its workers/ leaders while obtaining better results for the organization. Therefore, management is the key tool in...