"Challenges of intercultural communication" what hampers effective communication, different codes, customs,behaviors.

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"Challenges of intercultural communication" - REPORTFirst of all we will start of by giving you some definitions and key words so it will be easier for you to understand the rest of presentation.

The first definition is culture which is a learned system of knowledge, behavior, values and norms that are shared by a group of people. For example how people think, what they do or who they use things to sub stain their lives.

In culture we have something called co-culture, also known as micro culture, that is a culture that exist within a larger culture. We have different co-cultures like gender, gays, lesbians or religious micro cultures. The Latinos, African American or the Asians in the states are also micro cultures.

The next definition is cultural elements, these are categories of things and ideas that identify the most profound aspects of cultural influence. These influences can be things, ideas.

schools, government, music, theater and so on.

Then we have enculturation which is the process of communicating a group's culture from generation to generation. we were not born with a certain taste in music, clothes and cars. Through enculturation we learn what we like by choosing from elements available in our cultureAcculturation is the process through which an individual acquires new approaches, beliefs and values by coming into contact with other cultures. like kebab in Poland, or even karate, yoga and so on. These are all thing from different cultures which we have made our own.

Cultural values is what a given group of people values or appreciates. There are four most significant variables for measuring values. These are masculine and feminine perspective.

Masculine cultures tend to value more traditional roles for both men and women. These cultures also value achievement, assertiveness, heroism an material wealth. As where the...