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Once upon for always there lived a very rich, yet loving and compassionate King. His storehouses were full to overflowing with everything necessary to make life in His Kingdom perfect for Him and all those who dwelled there.?He would hold back nothing from His people for He loved them so.

In His Kingdom He asked but one thing of His people ~

"Will you let Me love you and care for you all your days?"

With this request the King gave full freedom to His people to accept His offer of love and provision ~ or not.?He knew it was risky to give such freedom but if they let Him love them because they had to He was certain no one, including Himself, would be happy living life that way.?Surprisingly, the King found Himself without a Kingdom for every one of His beloved subjects had chosen to reject His love and walk away from His Kingdom forever into exile.?The

King loved His people very much and wanted desperately for them to come back. Knowing just what He had to do He laid aside His crown of many jewels and set off to gather His people.......

I heard a knock at my door yet opened it to find no one.?Although it was night, I was nearly blinded by the radiant light shed by the gift left on my doorstep.?It was a gloriously white garment and resting upon it was a brilliant jewel, neither of which I had ever seen or heard of anywhere in the world.?I looked down at what I was wearing and suddenly felt quite stained and dirty so I eagerly slipped this new garment on to discover a perfect fit.?It was as if this was all I would ever have to wear!?I couldn't get it dirty;?the fabric...