Change In American Politics

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The main problem with America today is that people no longer believe in the theme the country was built on. People have basically lost faith in America. There was a time when America stood for freedom and the idea that one can decide their future. Those times are long gone. America has shifted to a media run society. The way people think and the way they view the country all comes from what they hear or see in the media. People are rapidly starting to lose faith in America as a unique and wonderful country.

In politics today there is no best man for the job. There is only the person who can best market themselves to the citizens of the country. There has been a history of people campaigning for president that united the country and gave hope to reform that will make everyone's lives better. In campaigns for president now, it is who can promise the most and make people believe they will run the nation well.

Most promises made by nominees are never even addressed in their presidency.

In The Wisest Man In America the characters have lost faith in American politics. They have even lost faith in America itself. Ferris states, "Democracy is a sham now"¦Being aloud to decide which brand of razor blade is best to cut your throat with "“ that's democracy." (Wetherell, p.119) This quote supports the idea that the times are changing and democracy, what our country was built on, is no longer an American quality. It may still be called democracy but myself and even Ferris believe that democracy is long gone.

There was a time when democracy meant that the people had a say in the government of the country. Now all the people have a say in, is...