Change.. and nothing was ever the same again.

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"... And nothing was quite the same again." This sounds like the end of a story about a significant change. Change is something that few can raise a finger to alter. It is evitable, but many people always seek it and try to avoid it. Proof of significant change can be found throughout daily life.

Change can take place throughout daily life. Moving to another school is always hard. Coming from an old school, you have to drop many habits that people won't accept in order for people to accept you. You make new friends, meet new teachers, get a new schedule, and adapt a new routine. But change also leads to many problems. People want to adjust quickly to new surroundings but it's not that easy. Moving makes things hard and people can take a long time to adjust. As years go by, we change classes, grow older, become more mature, and become transformed; change inevitably and inexorably takes place.

When a new year starts, there are always people who will be different from you and won't accept you, yet most people still want to adapt to fit in and be accepted. Moving can be an example of a significant change that takes place throughout daily life.

Having a relationship with someone can also precipitate significant change. Strong emotions are exchanged, and special time spent on each other, which affects one strongly. You spend plenty of time with the other person. And you both develop feelings for each other. You don't want to let go, but in the end tears are always shed. You learn from experiences though, and if you really liked the other person, then he or she has impacted your life. This can be described as a significant change.

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