A Change for Bob Dole

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What Dole could've done to change the outcome of the Election Very good, thorough

Bob Dole made several errors when planning and executing his recent

campaign for the presidency. These errors eventually cost him the election, and

allowed Bill Clinton to win a second term, despite Dole's adherent belief that the

American people would not re-elect him. Bob Dole's errors stemmed from his

inability to take advice from his campaign managers, his unwillingness to stick

with a consistent message throughout his campaign, and his inability to begin his

war against the incumbent early in the election year.

Bob Dole is an old-fashioned man of the generation on its way out of

governmental control. He is a man from an age before the intense rigors of

running a national election, before the multitude of spin-doctors needed to

conduct a successful campaign, before the television era swept through the

country forcing a whole new plethora of requirements upon candidates seeking

national office.

Because of this Bob Dole is a man who wanted to run his election

as he believes is right, on his own terms, by his own decisions. He continually

refused to take the advise of wife, and his campaign advisors, allowing Clinton to

discover his huge lead in the polls and allowing Clinton to hold on to that lead.

Dole failed to talk about values early in his campaign, instead deciding that 'he

would talk about values, if that's what it took.' Yet by making this decision, Dole

resigned himself to speaking about values only when every other attempt had

failed, making it seem like a last-ditch effort to ressurect his failing campaign.

'This time around would have to be different from 1988. Dole would have to

delegate responsibility and not try to run his own campaign on whim.' Dole...