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Change, a word that can mean many different things and is used in sentences loosely without us looking at the word as an individual and analyzing it. There are several words for change such as transition, modification, alter, adapt, vary but we tend to use change more often. In english the word change means "make or become different, go from one to another" which is stated in the Australian Oxford Dictionary which was probably written by some professor. I personally agree with the definitions but also think that the meaning of change is a little bit more deeper and can vary from person to person. If you go into detail change can be broken down to perspectives and others. A perspective is the way a person looks at an issue or object and how thinks about it. Then a perspective change is basically when one perspective of an issue or object changes for some reason.

The evidence of change in society is every where, for example in the 80's almost every young person had mullets but this perspective on hair fashion has change, to most people any way. Then there is stereotypical perspective when you look at something not so much as through your eyes but someone else's. Meaning that the perspective on that matter was not decided by you but the way things influenced you to think that. Example of this would be everybody in India is poor when in fact that there are people who are extremely rich and compared to the world will be amongst some of the richest.

There is change every where and often happens if we like it or not. People change, I'll change, society will change. The change is the not the factor but our acceptance of the change is. In the Novel/Play...