How to Change Disc Brakes

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How to change disc brake pads.

Preparations: A tools and parts list - When your car's front wheels start squeaking, thats when you know it is time for new brake pads. If you intend to do most of your own maintenance over the course of several years, the cost is defrayed over time.

Most brake pads are around $40. Vehicular floor jack - One capable of operating with 3 tons is recommended ,. DOT3 break fluid ,DOT3 brake fluid is for disc and drum brake systems .An extra bottle is necessary after pad replacement. Jack stand - This is a steel support stand to hold the vehicle off the ground for extended periods of time. Impact wrench helps untighten lug nuts easily.Torque wrench - This is a specialised wrench to apply the correct amount of tightness to your wheels lug nuts. Prevents over tightening. Monkey wrenches of the size your vehicle's nuts and screwheads.

.You will need one or two wrenches to unfasten the nuts of the brake caliper. Socket set - most car tires are a 21mm or 19mm. Socket extender - This is a short extension that allows the socket to be extended past and allow the torque wrench to swing free. Flathead screwdriver - A 3/16" .C-clamp - A 8" to 10" C clamp to press out the caliper's piston allowing the new pads to fit in. Axle grease - A small tin of heavy grease will keep screws, screwheads, and other metal parts from oxidizing.

Step 1: Lifting the vehicle, removing the wheel, Use the floor jack to lift up the car off the ground. "The best spot for the floor jack is away from the end of the vehicle, this way, the jack stand may be placed near the wheel...