Change Management Plan Paper and Defense

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CrysTel telecommunications, the company used in the simulation "Building a Culture for Sustaining Change," needs to develop a change management plan in regard to the constant changes that are needed in order to compete in the telecommunications industry. This paper will cover the major implications of the change at CrysTel telecommunications to include any human behavior implications. An appropriate change model for CrysTel telecommunications will be selected. The plan that is developed will address human variables and potential resistance to change to include contingency strategies for managing any resistance. Next, an appropriate leadership style for successfully implementing the change at CrysTel telecommunications will be identified. Management and leadership practices that will contribute to the continuing success of the change will be recommended. Additionally, measures to monitor the progress of the change at CrysTel telecommunications will be given. Lastly, three future leadership challenges that CrysTel telecommunications might face in the next 5 to 10 years will be analyzed.

Major Implications of Change at CrysTel telecommunicationsCrysTel telecommunications, operating in Illinois, specializes in data cables, wireless solutions and network development. CrysTel telecommunications recognizes that in order to remain competitive, the organization must recognize and be prepared to respond to forces of change. "Organizations encounter many different forces of change. These forces come from external sources outside the organization and from internal sources" (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2003, p.673). Change is a constant factor for all organizations. "With rapid and frequent advances in the telecommunications industry, CrysTel telecommunications is likely to face technological and administrative changes regularly" (University of Phoenix, 2007)1. "Forces of change can come from either internal sources such as human resource problems or managerial behavior and decisions or external sources such as demographic characteristics, technological advancements, market changes and social and political pressures" (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p. 679). CrysTel telecommunications is...