Change Management: The Transition from High School to University

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The most general definition of change is simply difference or alteration . Most people have either recently had or know of a family member or friend who has recently had a major change in their work or personal life. Some people even manage changes for their staff and organization. Either way, most people have some idea of the challenges and opportunities of coping with change and the process known as transition . Transitions impact each and every one of us, sometimes up to 20 times in our life span after key life-events. Coping with change is no new concept; it has been a fundamental issue to our continued existence for centuries. Luckily, most humans have evolved some sort of mechanism for adapting to distress and changes . Small changes can be triumphed over by learning. Large changes may test our individuality and entail letting abandoning profoundly held expectations. Transitions help us to make critical changes in how we vision the planet and act accordingly to our new world, good or bad.

Since most changes occur suddenly and often take up to several years to work through, the largest part of individuals are not aware of the process . Transitions present key opportunities for personal progression. Nevertheless, they also entail areas of concern that can convert such opportunities into perils that can go wrong. We cannot shun change but we can learn how to maximize its benefits for our work and personal life .

One change that encompasses both of these areas of in our lives is the transition from high school to university. Throughout the last half of the twentieth century, numerous reasons have led teenagers to become progressively more aware of the importance of post-secondary education. Changes in the market, most markedly the growth of information technology and service...