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The Transformation

In Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451", in the beginning of the story, Montag is very naïve. Then he met three people who caused him to think for himself. The events that helped Montag change from naïve to intellectual came from meeting Clarisse, seeing the old woman go up in flames with her house, and meeting with Faber.

Before meeting Clarisse, Montag was a happy book-burning fireman. When returning home from work, Montag met a young girl walking one night. They spoke for a couple of minutes when she asks him, "Are you happy?"(Bradbury 10). Clarisse wanted to Montag to think if he had a good life, and is he happy being a fireman. Montag leaves home to go to work, and he speaks a couple of minutes with Clarisse. If a person rubs a dandelion under a person's chin, and if the flower rubs off, then that means that person is in love.

Clarisse puts the dandelion under Montag's chin, and tries to rub some off. Then she says, "What a shame, you're not in love with anyone"(22). When Montag heard this, he got very mad, and he told her that he is in love. Then Clarisse leaves to go to her psychiatrist. "He tilted his head back in the rain... and opened his mouth..."(24). After meeting Clarisse, Montag began to take risks, and began doing things that he has not done before. Other than Clarisse, the old woman that burned herself also helps Montag change.

When meeting the old woman, Montag takes more risks, and wants to quit his job. The woman was on the first floor. "She made the empty rooms roar with accusation and shake down a fine dust of guilt that was sucked in their nostrils as they plunged about"(37). Montag is...