How to Change Motor Oil

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Changing the oil and the oil filter in you car every 3000-3500 miles is very essential. Doing so keeps your in shape and the engine fully lubricated. This also make the car run quieter and protects the engine form any damages that could happen because of old/worn out oil. It also the car more efficient on the car mileage, this is especially important this year because of the high had prices. It is easy and quick to change your cars oil and oil filter. You can do it.

The most important things that your need when doing so are motor oil, make sure you pick a good company like Mobil because this is what the engine runs on. Your need an oil filter, this assures that no metal materials go into the engine. You need a good heavy duty jack and a safety stop so the car is lifted up easily and does not fall on you.

Last of all things you need a 13mm wrench to open the bolt on the oil. If you do not have these things already you can always go to an Auto Zone, Pep Boys, or any place that deals with automotive parts and purchase them.

Good oil in your car so it runs smoothly. The recommended oil grade that should be used is 5w-30w. Just like need motor oil you need a good oil filter that will stop metal partial form going into your engine. This could be very harmful to your engine if the partials do enter the engine over time. You also need a good heavy duty car lift so you do not have to struggle with lifting the car. Safety stops or blocks will assure the car does not fall on you.

When changing your motor oil and your car oil filter your need to lift your car and make sure it is high enough so you can get under the car and access it easily. Make sure your put the safe stops on by lifting the car to a position you want it at and locking the safety in before your get under the car. Lift the car hood and open the engine block sealing cap under the hood on top of the engine. Next, get under the car and find the place where the oil is stored. This usually is located near the front left side of the car and has one big bolt on it. Then, with the right wrench, measure the wrench that fits. Open the bolt. Immediately after opening the bolt have a bucket ready to put under the oil pan to catch the old oil. When the bold is removed all the used oil will drain out of the car. Then locate the oil filter. It is should be located near the same place where the bolt was. It looks like a cylinder. Twist it to the left to open it. After opening it and removing the oil filter, put the new filter back onto the car and make sure you tighten it properly and make sure the oil pan bolt is replaced and tightened too. This will prevent oil form leaking. Next, pour the fresh oil into the car form the top of the engine block. (The recommendations are for 4 Cylinder you put in 4 quarts, 6 to 8 cylinder you put in 5-6 quarts) After pouring the oil into the car, seal off the engine block by putting the sealing cap. After all this has been done the the safety stops out and the lower the car and make sure nothing is in the cars way to move. Last step start the car and the car will run like it's new.

Little things about the car, like changing the oil, can be a very useful to you and your car. Everyone who owns a car should learn a little about their own car. This could help you to save a great amount of money over the years. Instead paying others to change you cars oil; you could do it your self. This could even help determine if the person you take your car to for an oil change is doing the right work. You can make sure the mechanic is now just trying to make money off you and put bad or used parts in just to safe the garage a little money.