The Change Of Othello

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How does Othello change? Look closely at the language used.

· Starting from page 117, Othellos attitude begins to change, and he acts more violent, using harsh language and rude language. Up until here he is known as a humble man, kind, loving and generous. However, he is now beginning to fume about the fact that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio - it is no things get more serious as Iago shows and convinces him with more evidence.

· On page 117, when Othello and Desdemona meet one another, Othello acts as though he has a headache. This will be because he feels slightly awkward around Desdemona after hearing more evidence of her having been sleeping around. He is more reluctant to see her and not as loving as openly loving to her and about her as he was. Othello says to Desdemona "I have a pain upon my forehead here" - page 117 · "Her first remembrance from the moor" - Page 17 This extract shows the love Desdemona must still have for Othello, after having kept this handkerchief for so long and so safely - it was the first gift she got from Othello.

· Iago wanted this handkerchief to be placed in Cassios room so that the Moor would find it and believe him that Desdemona is sleeping around. - Page 119.

· By the end of page 121, Othello's language has dramatically changed. From the pleasant man he is known as till now, and the calm man, he has become violently spoken and has no patience for Desdemona and is beginning to really believe Iago how she has been sleeping around. Some of the changed language Othello uses on this page are; "be sure thou prove my love a whore;" "Thou...