Change Strategy for Gene One

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AbstractThis paper discusses research which was undertaken to find the best leadership style, which will help Gene One move forward. A theoretical framework is developed from literature search and this is used by the author as the basis for determining the best CEO for Gene One. The researcher collected data within this framework and analyzed it according to the precepts laid down by earlier researchers in the field. The data is used to demonstrate that the chosen CEO is flexible, adaptive, and entrepreneurial, and innovative in meeting changing demands in today's global environment.

Change Strategy for Gene OneDuring the course of this paper there will be a development of a change strategy for the transformation of Gene One's future. The different leadership styles of the four leadership team members, Teri Robertson, Michelle Houghton, Greg Thoman, and Charles Jones will be analyzed as to see which members will be used to move the company forward.

The analysis of Ms. Robertson, Mrs. Houghton, Mr. Thoman, and Mr. Jones leadership and resistance to change will be taken into account. The future of Gene One depends on the approach and attitude of these four team members (Robbins, 2007). These four members make up the leadership team that will lead the future of Gene One. Their attitude's individually and together as a team will have an impression on the progress of the future for Gene One. Finally, this paper will include the End Vision for Gene One. The selected leadership styles of the four leaders mentioned with a comparison and contrast of the decisions of the change strategy will be exposed.

Gene One is a biotech company that assisted in the discovery of gene technologies that destroyed disease in tomatoes and potatoes. Through this discovery farmers no longer needed to use pesticides when growing their...