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9/17 Challenges I'll never forget the day that I found out my parents were splitting up. I was only five at the time, and I could not fully understand what had happened, but I knew that things would never be the same. Throughout life, one is faced with many challenges, whether they are for good or for bad.

One of the most difficult aspects of my life has been the aftermath of my parents' divorce.

Since that day, my mother and I have moved around meeting new faces and seeing new places. I have been challenged with going to brand new schools and making new friends. The hardest part about meeting new people is getting over the loss of old ones. Although it is very difficult leaving behind old friends, this experience has helped me grow personally. Also, I know that my old friends will always be there for me when I need them.

In addition to meeting new friends, I have been faced with the challenge of creating a new identity each time we moved. Not knowing anyone is a bit of a blessing because I had a clean slate with which to work. As a result, I have been able to create an identity where I have wonderful friends and am well respected in the community. Everything that has happened in my life has given me a bolder and more dynamic character and a stronger personality.

In college, I will be faced with some of the same challenges I have faced earlier in my life, for example, meeting new people. From past experiences I have learned that I do well in new environments and that I fit right in. As long as I am myself, then I will have no problems meeting many new people. Another challenge which may present itself in college is academics. It may be somewhat difficult in college to stay focused and not get distracted with a social life. I will have to call upon my maturity and self-discipline to maintain a balance. I will also have to start preparing for life after college, such as getting a job and starting a family. It is a matter of leaving behind my childhood and evolving into an adult. Everything in my past will aid me in the challenges which may arise in college. In the big picture, I know everything will work out for the best, because having faith means it is going to be all right either way.