Changes in Eastern Europe

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Changes in Eastern Europe

To understand why communism has failed, You have to look at the fact that nobody really wanted a rebellion against government. Russia was better off with the czars.

Another point is that there was a flaw in Karl Marx's plan for communism. That flaw was that people have natural greed. What is the challenge of not being able to be better than anyone else is? That really would get boring after awhile. Communism really changed Europe in that the communist government ruled over all. That really screwed up some countries like Poland, which were in the Soviet Union by force.

Russia faces many, many challenges. They are not the power we one thought they were in the cold war. They have tons of resources but their communist past has prevented them from developing the technology from getting it, namely the oil under Siberia. Russia also faces a huge lagging behind in time.

It's like we are in the 2000's and they are still stuck in the 1900's. Therefore, Russia has a lot of catching up to do if they want to be a big world power.

Russia has tons and tons of natural resources because of the amount of land they have, but like I said before, They have trouble getting it out of the frozen tundra of Siberia. Did you know that almost 70% of Russia is Siberia? That's a lot of resources. If Russia could get those resources out of the soil, they'd be a very rich country.

In conclusion, Russia would be a very large world power today, if they had not converted to communism. They might even be on par with the United States of America and Europe!