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Driving down the street the other day in my 1995 Acura Integra, I saw something incredible. It was a new Acura Integra RSX that is replacing the old Integra. The body was so stylish and sleek. Then I revved my engine to race him, the light changed green, and he was gone. I've never seen such a fast Acura. The third generation Integra was made in 1994 to 2000, and the fourth generation Integra RSX will made in 2001 and beyond. There is a difference in the two cars of body style, engines, and models.

The body style of the 94' to 00' Integra is very simply compared to the 01' RSX. It has a large mouth on the front of the car, the sides are very plain, and the rear of the car fits along nicely. All in all the entire car has a more rounded look to the car.

The front lights are rounded and the rear lights are more rectangular. The RSX on the other hand has a very different look. The front of the car has a very distinct look to it as it angles down with a boxy look, the sides are straight until the back tire where they flare out, and the rear fits along nicely with the angled look of the front bumper. The front lights are more of a square and two triangles with two round fog lights at the bottom, and the rear lights are rectangular with two circles. The change of body style from the two cars was to achieve a more aggressive and sportier look.

Another major difference of the old Integra and the new RSX is simply that the RSX has a bigger engine. The 94' to 00' Integra came in three different engines. The LS four-cylinder...