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With the rapid advancement of technology mass media in society has been influenced and shaped by it. This has influence in such a way that our daily day life are some how affected by this merging of mass media and technology. This influence that it exerts has shaped American values and the way in which we view them. Neil Postman, Newcomb and Hirsch wrote two essays, which agree and oppose to this statement respectively.

After reading and analyzing the two of them I realize it was very hard to compare them because they address two different themes. The two of them influence my way of thinking on the subject and arouse my interest. From both I gathered the positive and negative aspects as a starting point. They made me start to think about this but afterwards I develop my own theories and ideas. On my opinion mass media can influence society negatively and positively depending on how it is manipulated.

In the essay, "The Age of Show Business," Professor Neil Postman states that television only has one objective: to entertain. He believes that Americans are every day more and more influence by the television. He states that, "how television stages the world becomes the model for how the world is properly to be staged." (Postman, 7) He explains by writing this that what we observe it's what we act upon. Another point that he gives detail on is that if we don't see diversion in the TV program we don't like it. For example we don't go to a movie to watch the president give a speech we go to entertain ourselves, to have fun, and rest our mind. That is why television in his believes does not require deep thinking or concentration, it gives you all the information...