The changes of Mr. Tom Oakley because of the impact William had on him.

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At the beginning of the novel 'Goodnight Mr. Tom' by Michelle Magorian, Tom begins as a hermit, and as the chapters fly by, we realise how extremely this grown man has come out of a 40-year-old shell, all thanks to a young evacuee named Willie Beech. Toward the end of the novel Tom turns more into a fatherly like figure rather than a mean old grumpy man. As they get to know each other, they both begin to share a link to each other (Tom is The Father William never had and William is the son Tom never had).

Before Mr. Tom meets William, we find out how Tom was before they met, by the reactions of his neighbourhood and town Little Weirwold. Mr. Tom who was said to be a father 40 years ago but lost his wife and son, Tom then became a hermit for the last 40 years, who never talked to anyone except his trusty companion dog, named Sammy.

When William Beech arrived at Mr. Tom's doorstep Tom was a very rude and impatient person. Then in the first week, there begin to be changes in Mr. Tom such as taking full care and responsibility of William. The changes of Mr. Tom are:

Firstly, we see in Mr. Tom was when William wet his bed, and Tom did not really make it a big deal. Secondly, when William's mother sent a letter to Mr. Tom, she makes William out to be a bad child that needs belting for everything, but Tom is not like that, this shows how Tom has changed to be more of a guardian. Thirdly, when Tom takes William to get a new woollen jumper for him, this means that Mr. Tom does not want William to get sick and wants...