Essay by mafercf98Junior High, 9th gradeB, October 2014

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This essay is about how I had noticed my changes since 7th to 9th grade.

Starting seventh grade you expect children to change their way of thinking, because you say "now that they know they're a higher level; mid school, they will mature a bit" but sometimes it doesn't happen ;as me, well I changed my bit but the difference was enough to say a little bit.

I realized I wasn't more in elementary and this learning stage would be tougher, I didn't believe it until I knew my homeroom teacher "Mr. Acosta", no I'm kidding, but yeah, seventh is a kind of tough because children are not accustomed to that level until middle of school year they start to accustom themselves to mid-school. For me seventh was a nice school year our teacher was very creative and opened our eyes" no more elementary students", we learned to be responsible and we improve in many social and linguistic ways.

Then comes eighth grade, that for me it was a beautiful and awesome school year 2011-2012, I don't know why, but I think because you experience even more changes. I started to become analytical, and mature; since 4th I've been quite mature, but the maturing starting high school years is even higher than 4th. Also it was a very tough school year because I got seventies in some of my 4th and 1st quarter grades, math was horrible! You start to experience how high school years will be. Something that happened because of any reason; I was for high school's president. I won, and that made a now senior more depressive, Alvaro, but we are not talking about him. Now I'm still high school's president this idea never ran in my mind, but now that I am, is a really...