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Diapering A Baby

Whoever said diapering a baby was not interesting has not truly diapered a real baby. Changing a baby's diaper is one of the most common practices of motherhood. Since babies come in several shapes and sizes, an abundance of different diaper companies make different diaper sizes. Following some common, yet simple steps can help make that experience seem like a day at the spa each time. The art to diaper changing is that one must have patience; moreover, one must take the time to pamper the baby to make the experience soothing for the baby.

People can change a baby anywhere, on the bed, on a changing table, or on your lap. The first thing to remember when changing a diaper is to have all of the needed elements handy. Gather the diaper, baby wipes, baby lotion, and in some cases baby powder ready and have them close by.

Quite often, it is necessary to have a wet, soapy towel handy for those extreme occurrences as well. Babies like to feel clean just as much as adults do, so keep the feeling mutual. After collecting all of the things needed and laying the baby on the bed, it is time to change the baby.

First, take off the soiled diaper. There are usually adhesive tabs on both the left and right hip sides of the diaper. Open them up and pull the diaper back. Lift the baby's buttocks by holding her feet together, and raise them about two inches from the bed. Gently slide the old diaper off, and immediately roll the old diaper up and tape it together with the adhesive tabs, and throw it in a diaper genie or a garbage can. Word to the wise, if using a garbage can, make sure it...