Changing of indian womens roles when the dominent male is removed.

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Life begins with two people, and it continues to take two people to make life work. Cooking cannot be done when there is no meat to be cooked. A co-dependent relationship with the male and female is very important. If one is taken away the other one suffers, as do the ones related to them. Family life takes two parents, and can become unbalanced when one is removed.

The roles of the male in family life often takes them away from the family environment and home. Building shelter, involvement with religion, trading, negotiating, and governing can often be some of the tasks that males complete on somewhat of a regular basis. Finding the

family meat to eat at dinner can take up an entire day, but is obviously very important. Although hunting can take time, most tasks allow the male to return home each night and help the female with the kids and chores.

When something like war comes up and the male has to leave for

extended periods of time, the female's work just about doubles.

Family life is what the women are about. In the more

agricultural tribes, the females would tend to the field, gathering grain or materials. Gathering food is important, but their most important task would be their children. Keeping the kids happy, healthy, and fed is an endless task. Cooking and cleaning are among some of the many

tasks it takes for tending children.

The loss permanent or temporary of a male would result in many changes in the life of the female. Physical and emotional strength would be needed for a female to carry on. Her workload would double magnificently in almost all areas of daily life. Not only would she be the sole provider for herself, but also the sole benefactor for...