Changing Organizational Cultures

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IntroductionAn organization's culture is a combination of the founder's beliefs, values, ideas, and norms. Every organization is different and presents a different culture for its employees and customers. With most organizations the culture is strong and very difficult to change. Within these organizations there are dominate cultures and well formed subcultures. In the few organizations remaining, changing the organizational culture is easier, but requires time.

Organizations Can Never Change CultureThe inability to change an organizations culture goes back to the beginning of each organization. In the beginning, the individual creating and building the organization will incorporate his or her own morals, values, and beliefs. This beginning sets the stage for the way the business will be run. Each individual hired will be hired with these morals, values, and beliefs in mind. An individual who is not seen as a good fit may not be hired. Other individuals who seem like they may be a good fit will begin the socialization process with the prearrival stage.

They will begin to adapt to the organization's preexisting culture. (Robbins and Judge, 2008) They will go through several stages throughout the socialization process. Each one brings them a step closer to metamorphosis stage where they have essential changed and adapted to the culture around them. They become integrated and the odds of them leaving the organization diminish. The founder uses this process to construct a strong culture that will build loyalty and strong ties among workers.

Once an organization has planted its cultural roots it cannot be changed. Within it, a dominate culture rises that supports the bulk of the shared values of the organizations. Subcultures are formed that separate people into different departments and geographical locations. (Robbins and Judge, 2008) Employees develop relationships with each other. Production numbers are good, morale is good;...