Changing Perspectives

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Changing your perspective can be seen as changing what you perceive. When you change what you perceive you are creating possibility to create something completely different. I believe that change can become a great importance in our lives if attempted with risks, encouragement, trust and to reflect as well as consider life outside the box. If change has occurred successively, change can be seen as for a greater good. This will therefore change on how we perceive something in life. Changing perspective can not only be seen by us as composers but through text. Two texts that expressed change have been Sky High by Hannah Robert and The Door by Miroslav Holub. Both composers have expressed change and the effect on an individual. Perception of change can also be altered depending of the responder. Views or perceptions can be made differently according to the individual.

The text Sky High by Hannah Robert is one example of change.

We see two of her perspectives, one of which is as a child and the other as a grown woman. While reminiscing, the persona in Sky High summarises her childhood perspective of her backyard and the world. As a child the persona was innocent and free. The backyard becomes her playground, her utopia creating an adventure that only a child could have each time she enters it. She describes herself climbing onto the old clothesline as if it is a mission. One she has "conquered" the clothesline and is swinging from it she experiences a feeling of exalted or "Sky High". As an adult she reaches up to the same clothesline and sees her hands "beginning to accumulate the line-etched story of life in scars and wrinkles." This quote from the text explains how time has passed and how her...