Changing perspectives essay on "Feliks Skrzynecki" and "Crossing the Red Sea", "Sky-high" "Three Weeks in Bali" "Remember the Titans"

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How do the texts you have studied shape your understanding of changing perspectives?

Change is a concept which can be understood as an alteration or modification in any or all facets of life. In the context of changing perspectives, it can be seen as a view which has been transformed. The texts studied this year, Peter Skrzynecki's "Feliks Skrzynecki" and "Crossing the Red Sea", "Sky-high" from the "BOS Changing", Alan Atkinson's account "Three Weeks in Bali" and the film "Remember the Titans" have demonstrated different perspectives of the concept of change and as a result have shaped my understanding. The texts present the ideas that perspective changes due to influences such as maturity or by gaining a deeper understanding of a situation. They also illustrate how perspectives change with differing points of view of the same event and clearly show that there are a range of consequences to those who experience change.

By exploring these issues through varied techniques, the texts relate to each other in expressing their ideas on change and shape meaning and understanding in this way.

Maturity allows us to develop and change our attitudes and perceptions. "Feliks Skrzynecki" shows this viewpoint on change and how it can occur. In the form of reminiscence on the poet's father and in a tone of gentle regret, admiration and love, Skrzynecki demonstrates this idea of change, showing both the poet's childish perspective and his adult perspective. Although they have immigrated to Australia, Feliks has resisted change and has made his home a kind of refuge from the new world around him, preserving the unchanging elements of his old culture. In his immaturity, as a child, the poet felt excluded from his father's Polish culture and a lack of understanding towards him. He was uncomfortable with his...