Changing Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal Australians

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Before the referendum/land rights and native title, the Constitution made two references to the aborigines. This meant that the Aborigines weren’t able to vote and were excluded from the census. The federation of the six colonies then believed that the aborigines were becoming a dying race.

They aborigines had no rights or freedom and say and were also discriminated by the Australians. Which they were also regarded as non Australian Citizens.

Later as a result of this, The Australian Constitution clauses (section51xxvi and section127) were removed because it discriminated against the Indigenous People. This meant that the indigenous people are now able to have the same rights as everyone else and not excluded because of their colour. The aborigines are also by law able to legally push for other changes.

Also during the First World War the State Government enlisted aboriginal into the armed forces. The NSW Aborigines Welfare Board had then been controlling the Aboriginal lives until the 1960s.

This had lead to the destruction of Aboriginal families, society and lifestyles. Children were being taken away legally from their parents and placed them into institutions. (Stolen generations)The Indigenous Australians then were very concerned on how only a small number of children had been stolen from the Indigenous back then and how largely this had impacted and affected the lifestyle of those children now.

Those children which were taken away from their families were placed into institutions. Results in this were National Sorry Day which was a day where the past wrongs that were done to the stolen children were recognized and acknowledged. Kevin Rudd on February the 13th directed an apology to those who were affected.

The indigenous had also struggled for their own rights to have a say and voice their opinions on what would happen to their...