Changing the Rules of Pornography.

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Changing The Rules of Pornography

In today's society, pornography remains a dark subject that is hard to ignore. Everywhere you look these days, human sexuality is put on display. We are constantly bombarded with sexual innuendo or nudity. Humans have always tried to push the limits in all aspects of life. Sex in the media has not been excluded from this fact. It remains to be seen how sexual deviance affects our world, as it turns more acceptable.

Sex is quickly becoming more integrated in our everyday lives, it's hard to turn on the TV, read a magazine, or even walk down the street without seeing some form of it. What only consenting adults once shared is easily attainable by anyone wiling to look for it. Pornography is available through magazines, movies, over the phone, or on the Internet, etc... What is most troubling about this is how easy it is for a child to acquire this material.

Man has always tried to "boldly go where no man has gone before". Many technological advancements have made life a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. With more leisure time comes more time spent on pleasuring one's self. Less time is spent worrying about others. The consumers of pornography rarely think about how the industry effects those in it or those exposed to it.

What was once considered deviant soon turns risqué and then becomes an excepted part of today's culture. It was not long ago when women were expected to cover themselves fully. Now woman continuously wear more revealing, form fitting articles of clothing. Media didn't contain any nudity or even kissing for that matter. Now days little is left to the imagination. This material has become a part of all levels of society. Making it near impossible to keep...