Changing Self: Area of Study Analysis between the movie "A Walk To Remember" and Achebe's "Things Fall Apart".

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A Walk to Remember [DVD, 102 mins]. 2001. North Carolina: Warner Bros.


A contemporary "teenage" romantic movie, popular not only with teenagers but with younger kids and adults of all ages because it is a reminder of what is really important in life. Based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, the values of this poem is unconditional love, hope and faith; things which have been proven for thousands of years to be the sustenance of human beings.

Changing Self:

* Change can be unexpected. If it wasn't for one night and a prank gone horribly wrong, Landon and Jamie would never have met, and even if they had, Landon would never have in a thousand years thought of the idea of one day ending up with Jamie. The film highlights how unforeseen the romance between the two main characters was by contrasting the two different worlds they come from - Jamie: serious, passionate and conservative and the daughter of a minister and Landon, an aimless, moody, popular and reckless guy.

The experiences that Landon goes through - participating in school activities, actually changes him through the intervention of Jamie.

* Changing may not be accepted by others. When Landon defends Jamie and then makes the decision to be with her, it is not received well by his friends. For once, he does not care what others may think. To emphasise what Landon has just given up for Jamie, his friend Dean, after an incident in the cafeteria, threatens him and yells out at him "You made a mistake Landon!" "Me and you are through - forever!".

* Change can involve risk. When Landon falls in love with Jamie and decides he wants to be with her, he knows this is a risky decision with consequences. First of...