Changing Self The topic "changing self" this is a speech it compares other text with the topic of changing self. . .The great Gatsby, Double Act

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"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine." So Change? What is Change? How does a person change?

Some people may say that Gatsby doesn't change that much through the novel, but does he? In some ways he does, he starts off as, as Tom says "Mr. Nobody from nowhere" he changes to become a man of wealth and status. The novel The Great Gatsby is about how an important person is portrayed and symbolised as a person with wealth and status. In the same way, Anywhere But Here a 20th Fox film directed by Wayne Wang and produced by Lawrence Mark shows the same concept of an important person, a person with wealth and status. Adel decides to leave her little home town to go to California with her daughter Ann in search for a better life. Ann doesn't want to leave her friends and family but ends up going.

She isn't happy that she has to go. Ann and her mother are not as wealthy as Gatsby but believes that money is important. Ann's mother believes that with wealth a person has a place in society and leaving a little town will allow a person to have a chance in the world. An example of this is when Ann and her mother drive through the suburban streets of California and pretending to own the huge mansions that they drive pass. They even go as far as entering one of the houses that were for sale pretending that they had the money to buy it.

Gatsby changes in the way that he changes himself to be the man that he believes in his heart that Daisy will love, he changes for her so that he may be accepted in her eyes. In Ann's case it is similar to...