Chap. 7 The road to Revolution of the American Pageant. mercantilism,reasons for rev.,stamp tax,navigation act, all those other acts, and

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Chap.7 The Road to The Revolution (1763-1775)

*Victory in the 7 Yrs' War made Brit. master of a large imperial domain in N. A. which was very costly therefore they compelled the colonists to shoulder this burden.


*1850's Republicanism: a just society in which all citizens willingly subordinated their private, selfish interests to the common good. The stability of the society& the authority of the gov. depended on the citizens' virtue. Republicanism opposed aristocracy and monarchy.

*Whigs: British pol. Commentators that were widely read by the colonists. They feared a threat to liberty by the monarch and parliament. Attacked the use of patronage and bribes used by the kings ministers colonists more alert against threats 2 their rights

*The reasons why its such a shock 2 the colonies when Brit. takes control again after 1763;

1.Dukes/princes/barons bishops are non-existent

2.prop.ownership and pol. participation wide spread

3.Amer. Accustomed to running their own affairs, unmolested by officials

4.distance weakens auth. greatly.


*only Georgia was formally planted by the gov. The others were est. by trading companies, religious groups,

*Brit. believed in mercantilism:$$ was power & a country's economic wealth could be measured by the amt of oro/silver it owned. 2 amass oro/sil a pais had 2 export more than it imported. Possessing colonies=raw materials 4 the mother country(reducing need for foreign market) &provided guaranteed market 4 export

*Colonists, expected to give prod. That were needed ie tobacco, sugar and ships' masts

*2 refrain from exporting certain products ie woolen cloth or Beaver hats

*buy imported goods just from Brit.

1.Navigation Law of 1650:commerce flowing 2 and from colonies had to be transported in British vessels

2. Eur. Goods destined 4 Amer. Had to land 1st in Brit. where tariff was...