Chapter 1: Rogue-Jane and I

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BY: Lee A. Zito

"Hey Rascal, wake up."

I always lock my bedroom door, but my cousin always seems to have a butter knife handy in her leopard print purse to unlock it. Why she carries a butter knife around? Well she explains it's for protection purposes.

"C'mon, get your ass outta bed already! It's twelve o'clock and we should get some grub."

Flinging my blanket over my face I muttered my hello, "I hate you..."

"And I hate you too, now let's go."

I got out of bed and Rogue jumped up in delight, happily leading the way to my car. Stepping outside dressed in the t-shirt I was wearing yesterday with my ripped up plaid pj pants, face all smeared with day old makeup, I took a deep breath of Jersey air. Rogue lit up a cig and rolled down her window, initiating the start of conversation.

"Lee A.

I have this guy Tim totally enamored with me! He lit my hair on fire and fell in love."

Sleepily I acknowledged her comment, "What? He lit your hair on fire?"

"Yeah right here!" Lauren showed off her burnt hair with pride. "It was a total accident, besides you know how much hair-spray I use. Anyways, so he's talking to me last night at this party and goes to light something and the next thing you know my hair was up in flames!"

"What was he lighting?"

"Oh that doesn't matter...what matters now is that he is totally in love with me and in my powers!"

I glanced over at Lauren who was smiling like a wild idiot, so proud of her accomplishments.

"Stop grinning like that, you're scaring the hell outta me."

"Shut up, you like it." Rogue tipped her cig on the edge of the window, "He's...