Chapter 2: Teachers and Sisters

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By Lee A. Zito

Teachers are a weird bunch of people. There's all different types of teachers out there. They're all the same in some ways, and totally different in others. For example you have the quiet, gentle teachers. These are most prominently found in the elementary school grades, such as kindergarten to fifth grade. Although this breed may come off as "friendly" or "nice", at any given moment these teachers can go off on a rampage, screaming and yelling in a fit of rage. The diagnosis: over zealous baby-sitters who thought teaching would be fun. Yea... What a wake up call they get. These types can also be labeled as burnt out, soccer moms.

Then you have the tough grading, sarcastic, "I know more than the world" types. Extremely fun to get a laugh at. Lead by their never ending thirst of embarrassing and destroying students who threaten their intellect, these fine professors, who are usually too busy on their crusade, fail to notice they have accidentally left a chalk print on their crotch.

They were the unpopular kids throughout highschool and have become teachers in order to achieve power and revenge. All too prevalent in today's education system.

Usually these two genres of educators are the most common, although recently I have gotten this one teacher who's a bit different. The first day Mr. Swannell walked into class he put his brief-case on the desk then hopped himself up on the desk sitting with his legs crossed next to it. The way he addressed the class was almost comical. He reminded me a great deal of the monopoly man. The white hair and mustache contributed to that thought... But the way he spoke and the way he said things, it just seemed as though he didn't take shit...