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Extra Credit #5-Mini Project Chapter 5: Philosophy of Religion Notes (How I study) Rewriting notes Working def of religion- a community which, through faith, knows God exists. And they worship his God and "¦based on faith (belief based on faith).

Working def of God- the Christian God that is all-mighty (omnipotent) strong, powerful, all-good (omni benevolent), all-knowing (omniscient) knows everything, all-present (omnipresent) everywhere at once, and created everything (omni creative) created the universe and everything.

Working def of philosophy- the search for certain objective knowledge and truth, based on observations (empirical evidence) or on reasoning (rational evidences), but not on faith (intuitive evidence).

Empiricism- the belief that all knowledge is ultimately based on sense experiences or observation.

Rationalism- the belief that true knowledge is based on reason, or logic.

Objective- something that is true independent of human existence. Note that an objective truth is true for all people at all times.

Subjective- something that is true only for certain individuals or a single individual. A subjective truth is only true for some people, some of the time.

Bertrand Russell- figure out where you are (what you believe), figure out where you want to go (what you want to believe), figure out how to argue convincingly from where you want to be, if you can do so, then you have good reason to believe your desired belief.

Theism- belief in the existence of God.

Atheism- the belief that God does not exist.

Agnosticism- uncertainty about the existence of God, or belief that it is impossible to know whether God exists or not.

The Ontological Proof Rational-based on reasoning (reason and logic"¦just think) Anselm of Canterbury- believed that for something to exist, it must exist in both the outside world and inside.

Descartes- revised Canterbury's philosophy and said that to exist...