Chapter by chapter analysis of "The Lord of the Flies". Detailed analysis of symbols, setting, society, theme and significan quotes. Set up as a jot note style journal.

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Lord of the Flies Journal

By: Lucas Tétreault

Chapter One: The sound of the shell

There is some symbolism shown in the chapter name that can't be discovered until later. During the chapter you find that Ralph has discovered a conch shell and blows it to call everyone together. "The sound of the shell" represents the beginning of their civilization.


"All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat." -> the scar in reality was the mark left by the plane when it crashed, but could also symbolize the mark left by man wherever they go

Ralph and Piggy find the conch shell -> at the time Piggy points out how valuable a conch shell is, Ralph ends up being the chief, perhaps it is because he has the conch, which would show that riches is all you need to get to the top in our society

When they are voting on a chief, Jack Merridew believes he should be chief because he is chapter chorister and head boy and can sing C sharp -> shows societies want for strong leaders

Ralph tells everyone to call the fat boy Piggy <- shows how cruel we can be even when we're trying to help


This chapter is on a, what they think to be, deserted island surrounded by what they know to be the Pacific ocean.

It's a very tropical climate and the island is made up of what seems to be mostly jungle.


At a very early stage in the book, one of the first things Piggy thinks about is establishing some sort of society. They call a meeting with the conch shell they found and decide that Ralph should be chief and Jack should be in charge of the hunters.