Chapter One Summary Of The Congo

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The first chapter of Congo is mostly about Karen Ross and The Congo project expedition. Karen Ross is the ERTS congo project supervisor, and at age twenty four she is younger than most programmers. When Karen goes to the communications control room she and the technicians in the communications room discovered that the camp of the expedition team and the team itself had been destroyed and killed. And then a mysterious figure jumped across a camera, and the technicians thought it was a man but Karen thought different. R.B. Travis was the main man of ERTS, and when he was called out of bed to view the transmissions he had said that it was " the worst interference signature ever." As far as everyone knew the camp had been destroyed in six minutes. Travis was not happy with what just happened and he wanted to how and why eight of his people were killed, he also called it the worst disaster in ERTS history.

The next thing they did to try to find out what happened was recover data from the expedition. First Karen had to get rid of the static on the Congo videotape, she did this by doing a " wash cycle" or getting rid of the static. Once she did that she had to fill in the blanks, she instructed the computer to introject imagery. Once this was done she did a "high-priced spread" which intensified the image. Once all of this was done Travis came over, shaking his head and said that he finished the audio recovering and he said that " it was a human breathing. But Karen pointed to the screen and there was a face of a gorilla. But Travis did not buy the picture. Right away Travis wanted another expedition back out there to finish the job. So he got a team together and Karen ended up being the leader even though he didn't want her to do it.