Chapter Summaries for "CORN RAID" by James Lincoln Collier

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Chapter 1

About: Richard Meets the Indian Boy


*Richard is working in the tobacco field when an Indian boy comes up and runs off with his hoe.

*Richard chases after the Indian boy when he corners him and they get into a fight.

*Laydon comes and breaks it up and takes the Indian boy named Weetoppin home with him.

Point: Metal stuff was valuable in those days.

Statement: I think Laydon will make Weetoppin work for him.

Chapter 2

About: Laydon Brings Home Weetoppin


*They get home and they meet Susan.

*Susan asks what happened and Richard tells her that he got in a fight with Weetoppin because he stole the hoe. Then Laydon asks her to make dinner.

*At dinner, Laydon tells Weetoppin that he wants him to work for him, so they bargain and Weetoppin finally agrees to work for him for a knife, a blanket, a shirt, and some pants.

Point: Indians could live with English and English could live with Indians.

Statement: I think Weetoppin will run away.

Chapter 3

About: Weetoppin Gets Used to English Life


*Weetoppin and Richard work in the field, and they start to get to know each other.

*On Sunday, they go to church, but Weetoppin sleeps during most of it.

*After church, Henry Spofford comes up and talks to them and notices Weetoppin.

Point: Indians didn't like the English life, ways, or religion.

Statement: Richard will look for his Indenture paper.

Chapter 4

About: Weetoppin is Indentured


*Weetoppin's father comes and talks to Weetoppin. Then he goes into Laydon's house and comes out with a blanket and hatchet. Laydon then explains that Weetoppin has been indentured.

*Richard tries to talk Weetoppin into telling him what happened, but Weetoppin refuses. They go inside and Susan explains to...