Chapter Two by Neil Simon

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In Chapter Two by Neil Simon we learn a lot about love, life and just letting things roll and work themselves out. Chapter Two is based on second love and the journey between two lonely middle-aged adults looking to find their other half... again. This play doesn't just teach us about Jennie and George, but it teaches us about ourselves, and how sometimes we over-think and let great opportunities pass. This surely doesn't happen in this play.

George Schneider wants time to get over his diseased wife, but Leo will not stop hounding him about dating again. The play starts off in Manhattan. George returns from Paris and Rome trying to forget about his recently dead wife. As he comes back, his brother, Leo Schneider is trying to get him to find a woman to make him happy. The beginning of the play starts off with George turning down a date with Mrs.

Zorn. George tries to call 85 year old Mrs. Jergins about something but by mistake dials the number on the other side of the paper and reaches Jennie Malone. Jenny and George immediately have an awkward connection and decide to spontaneously meet up in about twenty minutes. George and Jennie meet at Jennie's apartment and right away we see some signs of romance. George tells Jennie she looks 24 but she tells him that she is 32. Right after this the two of them gaze at each other and it is apparent that they both feel something. The plot of this play is really George's getting over his wife and we get the sense of that when George has an episode with Jennie on a date. He suddenly breaks out in a sweat and is about to pass out. His feet are sweaty and wet and Jennie...