Chapters 1-2 Study Questions: Lord of the Flies by William Golding (The website made alot of errors in my essays. Please rate the essay good if you like it, and I will e-mail you the original).

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1.Identify each of the following characters by referring specifically to the novel: (please note the different ods of character revelation)

a)Ralph:Ralph is revealed as a democrat, leader, and mediator in Lord of the Flies. These character revelations are made clear through his words and actions.

Proof of his democratic qualities come to light when he wins the election for the leadership of the group of boys. Even though he could take complete control of the group, he felt obliged to offer consolation to the loser, Jack: "Ralph looked at him [Jack], eager to offer something. 'Jack's in charge of the choir. They can be...[h]unters'" (19).

Evidence of Ralph's ability to lead becomes apparent when he sets out on the three-man scouting mission of the island; "Piggy" wants to join the expedition, and uses a guilt trip to try to get his way. This manipulation came in the form of the groups' name calling "Piggy": "'Better Piggy than Fatty,' he [Ralph] said at last, with the directness of genuine leadership" (21-22).

Finally, indication of Ralph's capacity to mediate is witnessed when he suggests a partial solution to the boys' predicament of being stranded on an island: "'Shut up,' said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. 'Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things'" (18). This is an example of Ralph's mediating skills, because he searches for solutions to the boys' mutual problem of being stranded on an island.

b)Jack:Jack is shown to be a dictator and leader in Lord of the Flies.

These character revelations become apparent through his mannerisms and personality.

Proof of Jack's dictatorial traits are made evident when he arrogantly says to the group of boys: "'I ought to be chief'" (18). This portrays Jack as a dictator, because he simply...