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Throughout the novel, there were a number of symbolic characters. I found Piggy to be of the most significant. As his character progressed through the book, his personality and wholesome characteristics degraded. Piggy?s regression of self was evident in his decision-making, rationality, communication, and his actions on the island. This changes inside and outside of Piggy ultimately led to his reversion to savage behavior as well as his death.

In the beginning of the book, Piggy is tagged with that foul name without even revealing his identity: ?The fat boy waited to be asked his name in turn but this proffer of acquaintance was not made?? (Golding 9). He then revealed that his embarrassing nickname in school was Piggy. This sequence shows that Piggy is weak, easily manipulated, and that he lacks assertiveness. These qualities (or lack of qualities) set the tone of Piggy?s character as a gentle genius with no dignity or audacity to stand up for him.

A little later in the series of events, Piggy encounters the conch shell. His immediate action is to attempt to gather all of the survivors by the overpowering sound of it. Piggy, in turn, is the Golding?s symbol of government and rationale.

In the beginnings of the novel, Piggy has his glasses, showing that he sees clearly in the most rational way. He tries to show the other kids the right things to do, and not to exploit the land or one another. Later, his glasses are snatched from his face to make fire, triggering the start of his downward spiral to being a savage. After that, broke Piggy?s glasses when he struck him in his face. This left Piggy with half of his clear sight as well has half of his reason. To finalize...