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Character Analysis- Draft

There was a boy on the other side of the fence that Bruno met on one of his adventures. (Pg.104/105). His name is Shmuel. (pg. 108) Shmuel is a nine-year old (pg. 110) Polish (pg.111) Jew who was a prisoner at the extermination camp called 'Auschwitz'. (As described by Bruno, his skin is almost grey and his eyes were the colour of caramel sweets. (pg. 106/107) He is very skinny due to lack of food and he doesn't have much hair. When Shmuel grows up, he would like to work at a zoo because he likes animals. (pg.139). Shmuel is polite to Bruno. He is obedient to Lieutenant Kotler and tries to stay out of trouble. (pg. 169). When Bruno meets Shmuel, he is always eager for the food that Bruno brings (pg. 193). Shmuel was someone that Bruno found when he went exploring.

Since they were both lonely and were dominated by the elders, they quickly became friends and so their fate begins.

Shmuel has many different positive attributes.

Accepts aurthoirity, loyal, devoted, accempts whats given, affectionate, aspiring, ambitious, motivated, cadid, caring, change; accepts, embraces, cheerful, considerate, thoughtful, cooperative, courageous, corteous, focused, freedom to give others, friendly, frugal, thrifty, generous, goodwill, grateful, hard working, honest, humble, interested, involved, jealous, kind, mature, modest, open-minded, toeratn, optimistic, perfects, persistent, sustaining, positive, practical, punctual, realistic, reliable, respectful, responsibility, responsive, self-confident, self-directed, self- disciplined, self- esteem, self- giving, self- reliant, selfless, sensitive, serious, sincere, social independence, sympathetic, systematic, takes others points of views, thoughtful towards others, trusting, unpretentious, unselfish, willingness,

Shmuel underwent a journey that ended tragically but the cause was of a really strong bond that was created through a friendship with Bruno. They started as strangers but as they started talking, having their similarities and...