Character analysis on the book Wrack by James Bradley

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* Arrogant - "I need the ship. You understand that don't you? I need to find it."

* Obsessive -" desire for the ship almost sexual, eating at him, coiling low in his abdomen"

* Archaeologist

* The obsession of finding the ship and changing history has affected him to isolate himself.


* Caring

* Cautious - "I don't know David, but I'm afraid. Be careful"

* Kind and loving

* Suspicious - "Her mistrustfulness disturbs her, taints her"

* In love with David

* "You can't let a love consume you, let it eat you up. Do it and there'll be nothing left of you" - she thinks obsession or the idea of "love" is malicious and destroys things around them.

* Indian Background - "Her voice is low, slightly accented, the Hindi of her parents colouring her words..."

* Intelligent - "Claire's academic prowess; lawyer and doctor, knowledge coming to her easily, seemingly without effort.


* Old man reflecting on his past

* He is about to die

* Sinister/ malicious/ twisted

* Physically harmed himself

* Obsessed with Veronica, triggered by the obsession with the ship

"If only I had one thing for my heart"

* Burnt the ship to put the physical past behind him


* Obsessed with sex and men due to the lack of attention - "Her need her desire seemed to increase with the risk of discovery"

* Tries to take every opportunity with Kurt

* In the end looses both Kurt and Fraser


- Arrogant, charismatic, distant to veronica in relationship although dotes her.