Character Analysis of E.K. Hornbeck in "Inherit the Wind" by Robert. E. Lee

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The Devil’s Little FriendEvery person in the world is out to get something. Whether it is fame, fortune, or to just be a good person, everybody is working to reach that one thing that would make them happy or at least feel good. In Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, the character E.K. Hornbeck has three main interests at hand. He is overly concerned about getting his opinion heard no matter who agrees or disagrees with it. Finding stories for his newspaper takes up any time he has in Hillsboro. Over all, it seems like his desire to cause trouble in the form of opposition is his strong point.

One of the most important things for Hornbeck is voicing his own opinion loud and clear for all to hear. His opinions often stray from the majority, but this does not stop Hornbeck from making them known.

As Hornbeck walks through the town, he is offered a bible and a hotdog. While contemplating the offer, he makes the remark, “Now that poses a pretty problem! Which is hungrier – my stomach or my soul,” (Lawrence 13) before taking the hotdog. This of course is the kind of remark that would easily place Hornbeck on the bad side of the townspeople. He shows no concern as to what they think and goes so far as to make a slight joke about it. However, the worst of his adverse opinion is yet to come. After the consumption of his hotdog, Hornbeck continues along his way and spies an organ grinder and a monkey. At this point he proceeds in shouting, “Grandpa!” (Lawrence 14) for all to hear. This proclamation of opinion is quite taboo in the town of Hillsboro. His actions indicate that he has no concern for the...