Character Analysis Of Frankenstein's Monster

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Character Analysis of Frankenstein's Monster Throughout the enchanting novel of Frankenstein, we learn about several different character traits of the horrid monster that Dr. Frankenstein constructed in his apartment after several months of hard laboring. Although most of us believe that since this thing is a "monster" that it must be stupid, uncaring, and unfeeling. Many of these things that might be assumed about a creature such as this are falsified during the story as we learn about certain acts that the beast encounters. We also see how he learns and how he begins to become a feeling living being.

In the beginning of the book when the creature is first created it is just as he is a new born child. He acts and thinks just as something that was just brought into this world would think. But unlike a newborn he is grotesque in his features. Dr. Frakenstein exclaims "How can I describe my emotions on this catastrophe" Although he finds it to be his beautiful work of art, he is disgusted at the very sight of what he has made.

Dr. Frankenstein also states "Now that I have finished my work the beauty of the dream had vanished, and breatheless horror and disgust filled my body." This was how the monster was viewed upon through his life by every human that he met. Seeing how this happened you can understand a trait that the monster must of possessed was integrity to try to have people like him despite how disgusting and frightening he looked.

After Victor Frankenstein has made us believe that the thing he created is just a ravenous, disgusting animal without thought or feeling during the first part of the story, we learn later on the creature is much more. This is established when the...