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The Character Analysis of John Proctor Arthur Miller, The Crucible is a well-written novel written in the 1950's. This literary piece is set in seventeenth century New England in the puritan community of Salem. Miller spreads the themes of evil and revenge throughout the entire community of Salem, but is mainly portrayed on the two principal characters: John Proctor and Abigail Williams. This masterpiece deals with the search for evil and the confession of guilt. Since many of the girls from the community are accused of witchery due to the non waking sleep that two of the girls undertake. This stirs chaos through the entire community eventually leading to many hangings. John Proctor a well respected man from the Salem community commits lechery against his wife and is forced through an emotional battle, that obliges him to make an ultimate decision at the end of the play.

When the novel opens John Proctor has already committed the sinful crime of lechery and is hiding it from everyone but Abigail.

This changes proctors attitude and his daily life. He is forced to suffer from the guilt that he has put upon himself everyday and making it worse is the fact that both Proctors wife and house keeper know about his sexual encounters. This suffering weakens him throughout the play because his love for Elizabeth is so great. Although his guilt doesn't result in only a negative outcome, Proctors guilt gives him the drive and desire he needs during the court case to prove that Abigail Williams is lying and is not possessed by spirits. He wants to save his wife and put Abigail Williams back into her rights senses all because of what Abigail has started from the conjuring of spirits.

Abigail William's is portrayed as the evil child who is...