Character Analysis of Koro from the film "Whale Rider" by Niki Caro.

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By Christine Jap 9H

Character Analysis of

Koro is a very stubborn, strict, serious chief of the New Zealand coastal village. He dominates in everything that they do. When he believes in something, he never changes his mind. He is firm and forceful in everything that he says and does and he rarely appreciates other's work and effort. He is selfish, isn't sympathetic or sensitive and never considers other people's feelings. Before he realised that Pai was the true leader, he was sexist and discriminated Pai just because she was a girl, and stopped himself from seeing all the actions that proved Pai was their natural leader.

Koro is very stubborn and defensive with his beliefs and opinions. He never changes his mind and is blind towards any evidence that opposes his belief. Koro's obstinacy is shown all throughout the film. He convinced himself that Pai was the cause of the tribe's misfortunes and brought bad luck to the tribe.

She was not allowed to learn from him at the school because he believed that only boys could become leaders. He was furious when she was able to knock Hemi's taiaha on the ground and won the battle. He was too stubborn to admit that she was naturally talented at using taiaha when he didn't even teach her. Instead, he blamed her for breaking the tapu rather than acknowledging her mysterious talent. He didn't want to believe that his granddaughter, the girl who was known for bringing bad luck to the tribe, could be their new leader.

Koro can appear selfish, and doesn't consider other people's feelings. He isn't sympathetic or understanding. It can be seen that when everybody was grieving for the dead mother and baby, all Koro cared about was "the child". When he saw Porourangi, the first...