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In Deliverance, we see four Adams. We can attribute this to the four men traveling back to the primitive time where they vow to use only knives, bows, and arrows. When the mountain men confront the four men, Lewis and the other men capture a gun and a rifle, but they do not use either. Instead they bury the shotgun with the one mountain man and throw the other in the river. Keeping the guns would give them an advantage, but they discard any ties with civilization for the sake of the test against nature. This is a test of manhood; in order for this test to have validity, the trip must have danger

Lewis, the strongest of all the men, has also been defeated but by a different force. Lewis has been defeated by nature.

After Lewis broke his leg when the canoe tipped in the rapids he became dependent on the other men for assistance. This is when Lewis realizes that he can no longer lead but by virtue of the river he must follow. For Lewis this act of following was defeat. Lewis was always the leader of the pack and could not imagine allowing himself to be humbled into asking for help. Lewis could not stand the pain of the compound fracture and his body goes into a comma. This is where Lewis was defeated.

While Bobby and Ed were held at gunpoint and being sexually assaulted and violated Lewis and Drew came upon the horrific scene. Lewis was offered a choice to protect his friends or look the other way. He chose to protect his friends by shooting an arrow at the mountain man holding the gun. The arrow...