Character Analysis of M. Losiel in "The Necklace"

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Characters in fiction are often defined as being flat or complex. In the short story "The Necklace" M. Loisel is a complex character. He undergoes significant changes throughout the story. In the beginning he is a very positive person who wants to please his wife, he then is a concerned person trying to protect his family name, which then becomes hard working and depressed.

At the start of the story M. Loisel is a happy man with a positive outlook on life. He talks about how extraordinary a plain meal is. This shows that he is content with his life and is happy with what he is provided with. He also tells his wife that flowers will look as nice as jewelry. It seems apparent that his main goal in life is to make his wife happy. M. Loisel fought to get an invitation to a special party because he thought that she would love to attend.

When she started to complain that she had nothing to wear, he was in despair. He then gave her the money that he had been saving to buy himself a gun, so that she could buy herself a party dress. He did everything that he could to make her happy.

After his wife lost a necklace that she had borrowed his personality changed. He was worried about being at the ministry in the morning rather than looking for the necklace. However, once he finally realized that the necklace was truly lost, he began to worry. This was a change for him. Up to this point the only thing that he worried about was his wife's happiness, now he was worried about protecting his family name. He did not want his family to be known as thieves. He told his wife to...