Character Analysis of Samuel Parris in Crucible By Miller

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Throughout The Crucible we are introduced to and follow four or five important

characters that Arthur Miller elaborated upon. One of those characters is Reverend

Samuel Parris, a bitter minister who came to Salem for unclear reasons. That reason may

have been he was looking for a small town to control, maybe he was trying to escape

something or someone, or he may have just wanted a fresh, clean start; whatever that

reason was it is for sure he had no idea what he was going to start. If the blame of the

Salem Witchcraft Trails were to be traced back to one individual it would certainly be

Reverend Parris.

When we are first introduced to Parris he is at the side of his daughters bed

praying for his recovery. It is Parris who calls in Hale and other experts so that a cure

may be found for his daughter.

Once word got out that there were witch hunters in Salem

all hell broke loose. As three warrants are sent out to arrest the supposed witches the long

blood bath that is to follow is set into motion. During the trials Parris is sure to attack the

character of every defendant leaving no one pure. When Frances Nurse brings a petition

with 91 names on it, a petition to set Rebecca, Goody Proctor, and Martha Corey free

Parris demands that all those on the list be called in for questioning.


Danforth, glancing at the list: How many names are here?

Frances: Ninety-one, Your Excellency.

Parris, sweating: These people should be summoned. Danforth

looks up at him questioningly. For questioning.

Parris: This is a clear attack upon the court!

Parris also attacks Mary Warren harshly when she changes sides to help John

Proctor clear his wife's name. Once Mary claims...