Character Analysis: Tom from Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Tom is a slave and the main character in the novel and the movie 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. He is a passive person, not getting into any trouble (at least that he intentionally caused), he is very religious, kind to all people, black or white, and just a good person all around. Tom has many roles as a slave. On the first farm, Tom is employed as the farms' bookkeeper. He counts the crops coming in and out, and basically looks over the entire plantation. In his second owner's house, he works the fields and takes care of the little girl that helped him get bought into the family. In the third and final, Tom picks cotton, and is later promoted to slave driver. He declines, because he doesn't like to beat the other slaves with a whip or any other item, for that matter.

In the first two plantations, Tom is treated very well (except for that self-centered mother of the second plantation)(FAKER!!)(Sorry.)

He is treated as almost one of the family. In the third, however, he is treated worse than the dogs. He is beaten constantly, when he has done nothing wrong. He is eventually killed by two of the other slaves, who realize they have been doing bad things by beating their fellow slaves.

Tom's reactions to slavery conditions were pretty well concealed in the movie. Obviously he didn't like the beating and the selling and the overworking of people, and this was amplified by the fact that he was a religious man who followed the Bible.

The two scenes from the video that reflected his true character would be:

1. He dives into the river off the steamboat to try to help the little girl that he didn't even know.

2. He refuses to...